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OMOIYARI at Tokio Marine Insurans

MWS is honored to have Tokio Marine Insurans (Malaysia) Berhad as the early adopters of the MWS approach to corporate training.

Just as we here in MWS are inspired by a Japanese philosophy – ‘Otaku’ (Passionately Obsessive); at Tokio Marine Insurans, they are inspired by a similarly simple and noble philosophy – ‘Omoiyari’.

Omoiyari is the practice of profound understanding and intuitive action. To be thoughtful. To see beyond the obvious. To consider possibilities and fulfill potentials. To act for others. Tokio Marine Life is committed to protect all that is important to you now and prepare you for what tomorrow may bring.

Doesn’t it just warm the cockles of your heart? So let’s take a closer look at this beautiful philosophy and what it stands for.


Seeing beyond the obvious. There will be times when you need to exercise a little imagination and have the foresight to see past what’s in front of you. This is a highly important ability, especially when you’re dealing with safety, security, and, well everything else to be honest. Do not be easily duped by what is presented in front of you, instead look at it from other angles. It may be a problem, a solution or even a decision. Find different interpretations and exhaust all imaginable explanations. Just take the time to see beyond. Doing this assures that you’ll make a good sound calculated decision.

The practice of profound understanding and intuitive action. The subconscious mind is one of those overlooked power readily available within all of us. It lies there dormant. When we openly unleash this sleeping giant, there is much that we can accomplish. With readiness, following a profound understanding of what we’re doing, what we aim to accomplish, we should then check in with our subconscious, our intuition. What does our gut tell us? Does it feel right? Is it ecological? Follow your intuition, the voice from within. More often than not, it’s right.

To be thoughtful and act for others. Be mindful of our ecology. All our actions affect others in one way or another. There is a thought, widely spoken by Napoleon Hill, that possessing a positive mental attitude contributes to ones successes – Mental attitudes that not only benefit yourself but to others as well. When your work affects people other than yourself, then your success becomes more meaningful. With meaningful purpose, your life becomes more enriched.

To consider possibilities and fulfill potentials. Never stop at one. Life provides us many opportunities, it is our responsibility to keep our eyes and ears open to receive them. Discard the belief that there is scarcity of opportunities. You and I are adaptable species, we don’t just have one description, not just one label, not just one path to follow. See beyond your current space in time, take the leap and taste the possibilities of something new. Fulfill your own potential in other areas. Whatever you do, do not stop exploring.

These are the virtues of Tokio Marine Insurans. It is upon this very principle that they’ve created a sound reputation for themselves. They have Omariyari. Perhaps you too should consider adopting Omayari as one of your life’s principles.

See beyond the obvious. Listen to your intuition. Be thoughtful of others. Explore possibilities and fulfill your true potential.

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