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MWS Licensed Trainer Showcase

23rd Nov 2011, MWS Malaysia organized an MWS Licensed Trainer Showcase, featuring MWS Ambassador Dato’ Dr. Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman (Dato’ Soar) showcasing the MWS Bonus title ‘Empowered Employees’

Dato' Soar

It was another full house event by MWS Malaysia. At 1 pm, the hall was filled by all the early birds. After registration, everyone was moving around getting to know each another. Looking at Conference Room Entrance, a note says ‘Door Opens at 2 pm’. The waiting was exciting and there are lots of curious eyes wanting to know whats coming up next.

At 2 pm sharp, the door opens and loud music welcomed the participants. The room was filled within minutes and we are all ready for the showcase. Mr. Allan Gan, the VP of Priority Sky gave the welcoming address and stir the curiosity even more. Without taking much time, Allan welcomed Dato’ Soar and the show begins.

It was a great showcase and the participants enjoyed themselves. There are a lot of take backs and info sharing from Dato’ Soar. One of the participant Mr. Hazri Omar from Saidina Smart Family Programme even quoted this ‘The Best Program, Superb!‘

There is no doubt that Dato has mesmerized all the participants with his experience and wisdom as an MWS Licensed Trainer and Ambassador. The MWS Showcase is a quarterly event hosted by MWS Country Rep for all MWS Partners and clients. You can be part of this too! To find our more about the upcoming MWS Showcase, please email us at or join us in our next event on the 9th December 2011.

Venue: Sense Cafe, IOI Mall Puchong (3rd Floor, New Wing) Time: 4pm – 9pm Date: 9th Dec 2011

There will be lots of prizes and surprises in the MWS Mad Hatter Tea Party. Click here to register yourself up or email us at to book your seats! See you soon!

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