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MWS Partners Meet – Magic EnterTraining [12th Nov ]

Ice-Breakers, energizers & activities are the common norms that trainers usually execute during a workshop or training. Have we ever thought about Magic? Isn’t it great is we could incorporate magic skills in our training and at the same time linking back all the learnings to titles or subject? Well, think no more as MWS Malaysia has invited a guest magician to teach and educate us on how we can use magic in training.

12th November, Inspired Learning Center, MWS Malaysia hosted the MWS Partners Meet with the theme, MWS Magic EnterTraining for all MWS Partners. Licensed Trainers, Premium Resellers, Learning Hubs & Master Trainers were there to enjoy this special event. It all started with a quick and fun activity. It got everyone pumped up and ready for the next session!

After we had a great time with the activity, its all up to our invited Magician Mr.Chase Lew to show us some magic! Chase started with a fire trick and then continued with rope and rubber band tricks. It was magical! All the tricks were simple and yet able to mesmerize everyone. We even had the opportunity to put our hands and played with the magic tricks. These tricks will be handful during workshops and can be executed anytime. It can be used as a story telling, ice-breakers, surprise activity, etc..

Everyone had a good time and learned something new to be applied in training and these are what MWS Partners Meet is all about. Its a place where all MWS Partners can meet and network, learn something new and updating each another.

Catch us on the next MWS Partners Meet on Facebook or visit MWS Malaysia for the latest info. We have a few events coming up and do block your calendar for the MWS MadHatter Tea Party on the 9th December 2011 where we will be introducing new features for all our MWS Partners and many prizes to be won!

For more information, please email

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