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MWS Malaysia: Showcase 7th July 2011

7th July 2011 – Just one day after MWS Singapore conducted their first showcase in HDC Tower, MWS Malaysia continued with another successful showcase and this time, we have the opportunity to introduce our MWS Licensed Trainer Ms. Norina Yahya.

Ms. Norina is a legal practitioner with more than 20 years of experience mainly in legal ligitation. She also has television experience having been a newscaster in RTM2 and also a host for business talk show. With her experience, she is the perfect person to conduct the training titled ‘Empowered Employees’ in the showcase.

MWS Premium Reseller, Saidina Smart Consultancy & Accelearn Solutions was also there to support the showcase. MWS Premium Reseller also took the opportunity to fill in the room with their clients and customers for them to experience the MWS Showcase and to understand further what MWS is all about.

The participants enjoyed themselves and were impressed with the title ‘Empowered Employees’. They have gained lots of experience and took back all the tips, tools and techniques on how to be empowered. The title ‘Empowered Employees’ is a bonus title that is given to all MWS Licensed Trainer who have successfully attended the MWS Licensed Trainer Certification.

To find out more about MWS Trainers Kit, MWS Premium Reseller and MWS Licensed Trainer, you can contact us via email or visit out website at

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