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MWS Malaysia Partners Meet: 16th July 2011

16th July, MWS Malaysia hosted a partners meet with the theme ‘Durian Feast‘. This event is free for all MWS Partners mainly the MWS Licensed Trainers, MWS Premium Reseller, MWS Learning Hub, Supplier,Family and Friends. The ‘Durian Feast’ was also supported by Donalds Durian SS2, Petaling Jaya with the supply of D24, D22, 101, Kampung Durians, Musang King, Raja Kunyit durians.

All the MWS Partners enjoyed themselves especially for those who crave for Durians. Many of them arrived even before the Durians are ready on the table. With 3 huge canopies and more than 20 tables setup and 200 Durians, we have more than enough space and seats for 100 pax. We also setup the training room for kids to hang out and play around while their parents are enjoying the Durians.

MWS Master Trainer, Mr.Fabian Fidelis was here with his family and said that the MWS Partners Meet was a huge success and a great one for all the partners to meet and mingle. ‘Its a great time to catch up!’

The MWS Partners Meet is done on a quarterly basis and is mainly for all the MWS Partners to meet up and get to know each another. This is an opportunity for them to share and exchange ideas and have a good time. The team in MWS Malaysia also enjoyed themselves very much and were involved in opening the Durians and serving it to their customers.

To find out more on the next MWS Partners Meet, do visit out website at or email us at

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