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MWS Malaysia Content Coaching

16th June, 2011. MWS Malaysia hosted a content coaching session at Inspired Learning Center. It was a very interactive and fruitful event. The event was wheeled by master trainer , Ms.Nellie Amirah Lim and Brand Manager James Leow. All the participants from Packet One Networks Sdn Bhd, Saidina Smart Consultancy, Padini Holdings, SP Setia, Eastern and Oriental Bhd, Maxis Mobile and Malaysia Airlines Academy were very impressed with the outcome of the session, it was a fun easy learning session where ideas and experiences were being shared on how to deliver the MWS Content in the most exciting way.This has benefited all the Licensed Trainers to bring the best out of themselves.

MWS Malaysia has again hosted another successful event for the MWS Licensed Trainers. In conjunction with the event, MWS Malaysia took the opportunity to introduce the all new MWS Licensed Trainer Card which all MWS Licensed Trainers can use around the world.

To find out more about MWS and future events, please visit or email us at

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