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MWS Malaysia – License Trainer Certification

2nd June 2011, a group of MWS License Trainers successfully completed a 3 day License Trainer Certification Program. MWS Malaysia has yet again successfully organized this event with full of excitement, fun and learnings. This event is made with a success from the commitment and dedication of the team in MWS Malaysia and Master Trainer Mr. Fabian Fidelis.

In the conjunction to this event, we are also introducing the all new MWS License Trainer Certification Workbook. This new design and concept called the ‘MWS MagBook‘ has blown away all the MWS License Trainers. They were very happy with the new look, feel and claimed that this significant upgrade has lifted the MWS Brand to another level and standard.

“I enjoyed the whole new feel and concept and the workbook is awesome, the quality and design makes a lot of difference" – Pn. Zabidah, Malaysia Airlines Academy

To find out more about MWS, please email us at or add us in Facebook and Twitter!!

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