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Positive Mental Attitude

Before diving into any positive mental attitude attributes, let’s do a little mind analysis. Suppose you were asked to conjure a negative incident in your past and recapture the moment in your mind, would you agree that it could happen within a split second –complete with the intensity of the same emotion as if it had just occurred yesterday? Now the contrary; if you were asked to picture one joyful moment in your life, not only it would take several memory flashbacks to merely pick just one, but even the emotional reaction would have responded a tad slower? If the answer is no. Okay. If yes? We are not surprised.

Psychologists claim that human beings, by nature, gravitate more towards negative thinking. A mildly bad day can be intensified and associated with a plethora of negative feelings so much so that it has the potential to hinder one’s mental vision to positivity completely. In today’s day and age, ‘Happiness’ for many is a notion so far-fetched that self-help books are sought for assistance. Granted, while this may be an active effort in the quest to achieve a quality life, the reality remains that no amount of wise quotes can help a person out of his misery if the change does not begin from within. His mindset, or more accurately, the mental attitude needs to be rewired –that is, to evolve from an insecure Maybe to an all out Yes!

Unfortunately, even though most people are aware that positive thinking could be very impactful, many are afraid to adopt it. They see rejecting negative thinking a sign of an idealist; those who has yet to ‘experience real pain,’ but that is where PMA is misunderstood. Contrary to popular belief, when we speak of adopting positive mental attitude, we are not trying to sell the idea that nothing could go wrong. We are not trying to imply that one would no longer experience pain in life or that he could sit around, expect gold to fall from the sky and right onto his lap. No. As much as we wished it would, PMA does not work like that.

Fact number 1: Action is the key to progress. PMA merely guides you through a looking glass; help you see things in different positive angles so you could develop perspectives and finally provide methods to take action upon.

However, supposed you faced an unsuccessful episode –not managing to close a sale the first time, and then the second followed by a third, and now the negative voices in your mind begin chastising unrelentingly –press on. The quality of success is in the learning. Implementing a positive mental attitude is to maintain consistency. What matters is not the amount of rejections you face, but in how you respond to them. Selling is tough, do not let anyone tell you otherwise – but if this is what you have always wanted to do, dedicate every spare moment to improving your skills. Often people fail in their pursuit not from the lack of ability, but from the lack of commitment.

This is what PMA really means –the progressive attitude that is fuelled by respecting and understanding the power of positive thoughts. Learn to decide what you want, strengthen what you really believe in, know that you are going to make it, and that nothing is going to stop you no matter what. Where success is concerned, people are not measured in inches, or pounds, or college degrees, or family background; they are measured by the size of their thinking.

Time to make a lasting change in your workforce, by implementing MWS in your organization today. Positive Mental Attitude is one of the titles in the People Management in Action learning track.

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