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MWS Trainer Certification @Malaysia

15th December 2010: The final MWS Trainer Certification for the year 2010 was held in Jaya33 Convention Center from 13th -15th Dec. The certification program attracted a group of energetic and outstanding trainers from Malaysia, Botswana, Singapore and China. The workshop was even more effective and dynamic because of the potpourri of participants from diverse industry and experiences.

Led by the MWS Master Trainer, Nellie Amirah; this workshop marks the introduction of a new and updated format MWS Trainer Certification program around the world. It encompasses of enhanced skills drilling sessions with a new sets of approach and latest tools. The trainers gain even more insights on how to take their presentation and training skills to the next level.

The MWS Trainer Certification Workbook has been upgraded, redesigned and organized in a new way, so its easy to read, navigate and practice the skill sets.

MWS China Trainers Ms. Dana Chan & Mr. Barren Jacobus of Global Talent Development shared with the group on neuroscience and how it can help trainers better understand themselves and their participants emotional responses. The trainers had a wonderful time sharing ideas, practice skills and most importantly, receiving feedbacks for improvements. There are lots of info sharing between participants as they enjoyed themselves and bought home tons of priceless knowledge and ideas on how to be a dynamic trainer. It was filled with fun, boisterous laughter and insightful learning experiences.

“Well done Nellie! You lived up to your promise to me! I thoroughly enjoyed the session and learnt new things!” – Harmender Singh, Training Head, Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd.

“Keep up the good work! Felt the energy during the entire training and participation of trainer was truly felt throughout. Thank you!” – Ng Saw Wen, DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd

“I am sincere in giving a rating of 5 for all. Truly, I can see your passion and your warmth.Yours words of encouragement has been priceless! A million times thank you. You rock, Nellie” – Hana Fadzlea Ahmed Husni, Trainer, Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd.

“It’s a great training and enjoy.” – Mohd Nasir Mohd Zin, Trainer, Malaysia Airlines Academy

We were in awe of the energy and enthusiasm by the MWS Trainers as they begin their journey to empower their workforce and beyond.

Next upcoming MWS Trainer Certification will be held in Indonesia on January 24 – 27 2011 (Call: 021-3518505) and in Malaysia on March 2011. (Call: 016-331-9236)

For more information and registration, please email

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