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MWS Content Coaching in East Malaysia

9th December 2010, MWS Malaysia was in Miri, Sarawak for Content Coaching with all License Trainers on how to deliver the MWS content in the most exciting way and methods to optimize the tips, tools and techniques provided in the MWS trainers kit.

This was an opportunity for all License Trainers in East Malaysia to share their experiences and ideas on how they deliver MWS Workshops. Among the topics that were covered during the content coaching were organizing training syntax, training techniques and executing learning activities.

MWS team managed to visit Curtin University and also Sarawak Plantation training rooms and shared lots of ideas in having a fun learning environment. License Trainer Karen Giom of Sarawak Plantation and Larry Asu of Curtin University were among the participants that were very excited of the new ideas.

To find out more about MWS and the all new learning Track “Innovation in Action, please visit / or email

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