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MWS International in FLASIA 2010 Singapore

21st – 23rd October 2010, MWS International participated in the FLASIA International 2010 in Marina Bay Sands Singapore in collaboration with its Singapore Premium Reseller Nu Quest Management Pte Ltd.

The exhibition was swarmed by hundreds if not thousands of visitors around the world. MWS International is proud to be part of the most renowned international trade event for franchising and licensing in Asia. We were mostly amongst the food and beverage chains promoting their franchising schemes. And so we attracted great interests and curiosity from the delegates. Many were excited to see that they can actually build a training business that is in the B2B arena with licensing options that we were offering.

These 3 days event was filled with programs such as Hot-Match organized by FLASIA and MWS International took the opportunity to participate in this 20 minutes presentation to a group of business entrepreneurs.

The MWS booth was swarmed with many delegates. We were indeed very occupied with questions and inquiries from interested visitors. MWS International will continue to participate in exhibitions so watch out! We might just be around your neighborhood or country.

To find out more on MWS International and its products and services, please visit or email

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