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Partner Education Program: NLP Certification

15 Oct, Malaysia – The group of enthusiastic MWS Trainers had a fun and empowering training with our Master Trainer, Nellie Amirah Lim. The NLP Training was held between 15th Oct – 24th Oct 2010 at Inspired Learning Center, Subang Jaya, Malaysia. The trainers from Permata, IOI Plantations, Pharmaniaga, Opus, Dwell Solutions has a wonderful time learning the tools and techniques of NLP.

Check out the event photos to see how much they were enjoying themselves as they are reflecting about their life, learning about the NLP communication model and designing their well formed outcome.

NLP the Heart of Communication

NLP certification program is part of the MWS Licensed Trainer Professional training. At the heart of NLP is the attitude that empowers trainers to be even more dynamic and effective. As a corporate trainer, you will be able to deliver your content succinctly to your audience.

Join us for our next Partner Education Program:

MWS Trainers Certification @ November 2010 in Indonesia and @December 2010 in Malaysia.

For more information, email us at today.

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