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MWS Showcase: East Malaysia Sarawak

MWS is back again in Sarawak, jointly organized with MWS Premium Reseller, Dwell Solution Provider, this time to deliver our first MWS showcase in East Malaysia. MWS License Trainer Professional Mr.James Leow has again successfully conducted the MWS title ‘Communicate Clearly’.

MWS Showcase

The Showcase was held in 2 main city of Sarawak:

  1. 28th Sept 2010 – Curtin University, Miri

  2. 29th Sept 2010 – Four Point Hotel, Kuching

It was a dynamic presentation full of activities and useful tips and simple techniques on how to improve our communication skills.

Here are what the participants have to say:

  1. As a company that already purchased MWS modules, we really learned a lot from James presentation. Especially points that we learned from TTT workshops. Very refreshing – Karen Shirley Giom – Sarawak Plantation

  2. I strongly believe that MWS is very relevant & most effective approach in training if an organization realize the ROI from its development programmes for its overall workforce – Louies Lawai – Miri Port Authority

  3. Dear MWS, the program was splendid and the choc was great. Its been an eye opener and I hope more of great things from MWS – Ahmad Rodzhan – Curtin University

Join us in the next showcase, click here or call us at 03-56337638.

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