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Showcase: Winning Attitude with Richard Tong

August 19th 2010, MWS License Trainer Pro Mr.Richard Tong debut his presentation in the MWS monthly showcase with title Winning Attitude.

Winning attitude is key part of our success in life and all successful people use this talent to improve their lives and control their own destiny.

Richard presented the training with charisma and caught the attention of the crowd instantly. The participants enjoyed his training session and the workshop was filled with learning, fun & laughter with tips, tools and techniques to bring back from workshop to workplace and apply instantly.

These are what they have to say:

I really enjoyed the presentation by Mr Richard Tong. He is approachable & able to captured the crowd attention. Overall,I was able to understand the context of the presentation – Terrence Ong – U Mobile Sdn. Bhd.

Very interesting workshop with real life examples – Marline Binti Budin – UEM

Very refreshing approach to training methodology Keeps trainees alertness thorough context – Kok Kian Min – IGedge

Join us at the next showcase on June 2010. To register click here or call us at 03-56357638.

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