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Spaced learning with MWS Learning Framework

Conventionally, most of training duration are for 2-3 days and participants are expected to remember and effectively implement the learning at the workplace. However, that is not the case. According to the Huthwaite study published in The American Society for Training & Development Journal, 87% of the learning is lost within 30 days of the training program due to the absence of reinforcement.

That is why in order for the learners to fully optimize on what they learnt, we need to adopt spaced learning reinforcements approach. To be effective, learning needs to be a continuous, strategically used process—integrated with and running parallel to work.

When a lot of training programs are scheduled on an ad hoc basis without any proper structure and framework, there is lack of reinforcement. Even if the training opportunity arises, the absence of reinforcement impedes integration to workplace. When there is no reinforcement or follow up, after these training programs, the momentum in learning is lost.

Through many years of research and development, we have specifically crafted the competency based MWS Workshops to deliver an experiential and effective approach in training the whole workforce. Our pioneering approach is proven and supported by many progressive MNC and large organizations around the world.

The MWS Learning Framework was conceived to create that opportunity for everyone in your workforce to grow and develop so that organizations can strive to stay competitive and relevant in today’s economy. It covers 3 main key areas: Managing Self, Managing Others and Managing Performance.

MWS Workshops are powerful, compact and dynamic 4-hour workshop that delivers results for busy professionals and executives of progressive organization. It provides concise and impactful tips, tools and techniques.

It is specifically crafted and designed to address the needs of progressive organizations to enhance and train their workforce to meet the business demands of today’s challenging economic situations. You can adopt and choose the right program to implement in your organization.

Visit for our full range of products and services. Email us now at on how you can get started to implement an actionable structured approach to your workforce training today.

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