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Trend Setter: Snack Culture

Today, media snacking is a way of life. In the morning, we check news, tweets and tap out emails on our laptops. At work, we graze all day on facebook, videos and blogs. Back home, the giant HDTV is for 10-course feasting - say, an entire season of 'Mentalist'. In between are the morsels that fill those whenever minutes, as your mobile phone carrier calls them: a 30-second game on your Nintendo DS, a 60-second webisode on your cell, a five-minute podcast on your MP3 player. Think about how our lifestyle has changed since the technological breakthroughs in the 90s.

Bite-Size, Concise & Precise

Snack Culture represents the 'transient sphere' on steroids, catering to consumers’ insatiable craving for instant gratification. Snack Culture thus embodies the phenomenon of products, services and experiences becoming more transient; products that are being deconstructed in easier to digest, easier to afford bits, making it possible to collect even more experiences, as often as possible, in an even shorter timeframe. The signs are everywhere, from ubiquitous commerce to fragmented (shattered?) media to fast fashion to temporary ownership to Netflix-style all-you-can-eat models. Snack Culture, is not a 'new new ' trend, but definitely one that will continue to thrive next year. [extract from]

Learn more about Snack Culture visit the Epic History of Snack Culture

Today, everyone seeks fast quick remedy to fix their problems and to sharpen their skills. People want concise, precise and relevant information delivered in a fun, entertaining and experiential manner. We know and understand the way people learn best; that is by chunking down vital information into bit-size learning experience. Creating smaller succinct messages saves time and takes people less energy to absorb.

Unlike most corporate trainings that spans from 2 to 10 days, the competency based 4 hours MWS Workshops are crafted to deliver concise tips. tools and techniques for team learning from workshop to workplace. We focus on the 'how-tos' to get your workforce motivated, up and running effectively. Experience for yourself today!

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