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Is training critical in your organization?

Corporate Training and development is a key factor that influences the overall performance of any business. It is important to determine the required training and skills of staff by evaluating them. Certain people may require more training to work better. In other cases, the staff may need specific skills, which could be the cause for their bad job performance.

The competencies of your workforce are critical in the overall performance of your organizations. Many organizations spend almost all the training budget to develop their talent pool. Developing a talent pool is vital to developing leadership qualities to establish your organization in the competitive market.

However, many organizations are challenged; as almost 80% of their workforce, lacks in the ability to execute. As you may realize, corporate training and development is not a narrow scope, but covers staff coaching, motivational development activities and soft skills training. Immaterial of position or ranking, everyone needs motivation from time to time as part of their overall development. Instilling important values such as honesty, integrity and learning is crucial for your organization’s overall business performance and success.

We all recognize that investing for training and development is a good move since people play a critical role in the success or failure of any organization. So essentially, the question is how do we train our workforce with the limited training budget?

The answer lies with how you leverage on your well trained talent pool. With the MWS Licensing Options, you can mobilize your talent pool to train and mobilize your whole workforce.

Here are 3 simple steps:

  1. Identify and train your managers and talent pool as MWS Licensed Trainers.

  2. Identify and choose from a wide range of competency titles relevant for your workforce.

  3. Leverage on the MWS Licensed Trainers to train your workforce.

With the MWS Licensing Options, all the work is done for you. We provide the content, you provide the context. Your very own MWS Licensed Trainers will provide the most relevant case-studies, real-life experiences and industry knowledge required for any training to be highly effective. Unlike having an external trainer that may not fully appreciate and understand your industry and work culture.

MiniWorkshopSeries provide not only the most cost effective approach, but the opportunity for organizations to have an actionable and structured approach for their workforce continuous learning and development. Many progressive organizations have taken these innovative steps to become even more competitive in the market place. Are you?

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