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MWS International Welcomes New Brand Manager

International, 7th May 2010. MWS International welcomes its newly appointed Brand Manager – Mr. James Leow. He brings along with him a charismatic energy, a steady disposition and a profound understanding of the training industry.

James shows great appreciation for what MiniWorkshopSeries stands for, and is just as passionate about MWS’ cause as everyone else in the organization. Ever ready with a hat full of ideas, he more than lives up to the company's expectations.

“I'm very honored to be a part of this dynamic team of individuals. MiniWorkshopSeries has much to offer, and I take great pride in my role to strengthen the brand's presence in the global market." says the humble yet confident James, "Throughout this year, we have scheduled promotional visits to prospective countries all across the South East Asia, China and India. Flourished with strong employee driven companies, we hope to highlight the importance of developing their grassroots employees towards the success of their business.”

We will be posting the dates so be sure to check back to find out when MWS will be visiting your country.

MiniWorkshopSeries is privileged to have Mr. James Leow onboard. May this union be a long a fruitful one.

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