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New GM for Malaysia

Malaysia, 6th April 2010: We are proud to announce Mr Eddy Chew as the new General Manager of MWS Malaysia. Eddy is an outstanding person to take on the GM role. He has over 17 years of management experience with progressive levels of responsibility in the information technology and HR industry. His passion in the learning and training industry started when he joined us firstly as an MWS Licensed Trainer [Pro] a couple of years ago.

Eddy’s vast experience in developing partner networks and corporate businesses will further accelerate the infiltration of MiniWorkshopSeries in the medium and large enterprises in Malaysia. Eddy has a profound knowledge of licensing of intellectual property and extensive experience on leading companies to new frontiers. He will bring that expertise to bear on these very relevant areas of experience on MiniWorkshopSeries global dimensions and his strong desire to change the way organizations learn.

We look forward to an even more exciting and fruitful year for the MWS Partners MWS corporate clients under the new leadership of Eddy.

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