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Pronunciation Workshop: MWS Partner Meet

Malaysia: MWS Malaysia's team just organized yet another partners education workshop, this time it was something equally as beneficial to all our partners.

It was a basic pronunciation workshop which was conducted by Ms. Yogesvary Leburn Alahakone, a senior lecturer attached to the Faculty of Creative Industries, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. She is the Head of the Department of Modern Languages.

Pronunciation 101 Workshop

With more than 27 years of English teaching experience in the corporate world and in higher education, Ms. Yoges shared with the partners the key points on using a dictionary and how it could help improve the quality of a trainer just by pronouncing the words correctly.

Overall, the partners who attended the workshop were amazed with their improvement, not to mention the activities that were conducted helped the trainers realize that these are tools and tips that they could now apply in the workshops.

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