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Showcase: Customer Focus with Rusland

February's showcase which featured MWS License Trainer Pro, En. Rusland was held on the 23rd of February 2010. The title Customer Focus, which is one of the MiniWorkshopSeries popular topic, the showcase had a great turn up.

Rusland, a fun and dynamic MWS Trainer, conducted many 'fun-tastic' activities in order to show the participants the importance of a happy customer. He went through the roots and the case studies of the topic,and went through the 12 basic steps of keeping it cool even with difficult customers.

Rusland hands our NIPS

What more, this month was a very special showcase, the MiniWorkshopSeries team finally revealed to the public the benefits of having MWS Plus in their organization. The participants enjoyed the final 8 minute podcast which was played at the end of the session.

Showcase Participants

Here are some of the things the participants had to say about February's showcase:

"Direct to the point training. Interesting summary and approach to skill training" - Ms Louisa John, Assistant Manager, CEO Office, TIME Engineering Berhad.

Good Solid Content, delivered within 4 hours! Short & Sweet! - Ms. Fabriza Abdullah,Development Manager, Malaysia Airlines System.

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