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Showcase: Figuring out people with Allan Gan

The September Showcase featured MWS License Trainer [Pro] Mr. Allan Gan, who shared with us the insights on Figuring Out People. The title is available in the NLP in Action track.

Allan Gan

Check out photos of the event now. The participants enjoyed the interactive and fun sessions. Here are what some of the participants had to say about our September Showcase.

“A powerful technique which can bring about positive changes in our life in terms of business, family, friends and anybody we’ll know in future” – Lau Khai Weng, LC Graphic Sdn. Bhd

“Informative! Good insights into NLP! Energetic Facilitator! Interactive! Well Engaged! Complementary to coaching!” – Susan Ong, Coachbiz

Join us for our next MWS Showcase; by calling Elvina at 017-2577-180 or email us at

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