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MWS Indonesia Launch 2009

MWS Launch on the 15th September 2009 in Jakarta, Indonesia

HR Excellency is one of leading training institution in Indonesia under the leadership of Anthony Dio Martin. A new company is being set up to grow the MWS business.

HR Excellency has invested a whole year making extensive market research in understanding products and services MWS offers and the needs and requirements of the Indonesian corporates. They are totally committed to giving high value to their clients and we trust that they will take MWS into new heights in Indonesia.

In conjunction to the official launch in Indonesia, the Country Representative, HR Excellency’s CEO Anthony Dio Martin share his views: “THE FUTURE OF TRAINING AND THE SOLUTION” to an applauding audience. He stressed the importance for the nation and corporations in Indonesia to develop a culture of continuous learning in order to stay competitive globally. His presentation was both enlightening and inspirational to all especially on the current industry trends.

The presentation of the Country Representative Plaque from the MWS International team to the HR Excellency team seals the partnership and the launch of MWS officially in Indonesia.

With the plaque presentation, the event moved to the HOT topic discussions with esteemed panelists:

  1. Ibu Mooryati Sudibyo: Pendiri dan Pemimpin Group Mustika Ratu

  2. Nelly Husnayati: Chief Agency Officer Manulife Indonesia

  3. Ekuslie Goestiandi: Cheif Astra Management Development Institute

  4. Michael Wanandi: Leader & Vice Chairman Anugerah Corporation

The discussions was very dynamic with diverse perspective and insights for the audience to ponder on. Indonesia’s TV station, Q-TV was there to report on this auspicious event.

Indeed this event was a great success with clients excited to implement MWS in their organizations immediately.

Congratulations! Kudos MWS Indonesia Team! MWS was launched in Indonesia with a Big Bang! Now, its the time to help organizations save thousands of dollars and implement one of the most effective approach to workforce training.

To find out how you too can be a Country Representative, contact us now at


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