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Showcase: Mastering Success with Dr Soar

As many of us know the main essentials in every relationship would be trust and understanding. Last month as we launched our Premiere, MWS Licensed Trainer SKL Walia, taught us how to identify and figure out our bosses characteristics, and how to deal with them through her workshop ‘Managing Boss’.

This month, MWS Showcase was held on the 21st of May 2009 at the UEM Academy. We took another leap as MWS licensed Trainer [Pro] Dato’ Soar shared his wisdom with us. The topic of the day was titled Mastering Success and Dato’ Soar will never fail to disappoint the crowd with his unique ways of captivating the participants.

Group Discussion in Progress

Based from the feedback received, we reached our target once again, as many of our participants were motivated, and told us that they were looking forward for the next MWS workshop.

Here are some of the feedback given by Dato’ Soar’s audience:

“An eye opener to NLP and awesome presentation given by an energized speaker” – Yg Bahagia Datin Mariana Kamarudin, Manager, Petronas Dagangan.

“Awesome workshop despite the short session, we have gained so much and inspired to take action and succeed!” – Sukmawati Budjaza, Application Architect, RHB Islamic Bank.

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