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iBusiness Solutions ’09

MWS has now spread its wing to the northern part of Malaysia by participating in Penang’s No 1 business sourcing tradeshow, jointly organized by iBusiness Solutions, Intrenasionale, Invest Penang, and the Penang State Government. The 3 day event, themed ‘Solutions for Global Competitiveness’ brought together SME entrepreneurs and leaders as well as MNC Managers to meet local and international business technology suppliers and financiers. This event enables SMEs and MNCs purchasers to source for productivity in a one-stop location.

The MWS team from Kuala Lumpur took this opportunity to participate and promote its brand, products and services as a premium training partner. Our Booth stood outstandingly with striking orange and black balloons. The MWS booth attracted more than 500 people, among which was the Chief Minister of Penang, YAB. Mr. Lim Guan Eng. He was impressed with the new approach and fresh perspective of MWS in the area of training and developing the human capital of organizations.

Penang Chief Minister Visits our Booth.

During the Exhibition, The MWS Licensed Trainer Professional, Mr Soo Hoo Yunn Hunn conducted an MWS workshop entitled ‘Mastering Success’. He received overwhelming respond from the visitors.

Amanda, the MWS presented a business opportunity session on MWS Partner Programs for entrepreneurs and business owners who desire to begin a licensing business in the learning and training industry as well as for those aspiring to build their career part as corporate trainers.

Through our experience during this exhibition, it is no doubt that MWS has now strengthened its brand position not only within the northern region, but also in the international arena. The MWS had received numerous enquires from international delegates like Korea, Thailand, Bangladesh, as well as various major corporations, including Dell Ltd.

Well, that’s what we have for March 2009, do join us as we spread our wings and fly sky high, with more fun and exciting events coming up soon… Till our next post… to your success always.

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