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Fabian is an MWS Master Trainer, appointed 

to certify Professional and Organizational

Trainers delivering MiniWorkshopSeries®, 

an internationally recognized compact 

4-hour training programme modules. Highly accomplished and driven, Fabian is a man who pushes the limits, breaks boundaries and strives to inspire success in others. An ambitious man with a mission, he has coached thousands of people and had steered them into becoming formidable corporate leaders today. Not only is he the CEO and Principal Trainer of ProActive Training and the author of the bestselling book "The Tao of Talking: The Speakers Tenets Towards Charisma", he is a highly skilled Master Trainer with years of experience in his pocket as a Senior Manager in the hospitality industry, specializing in the areas of management and customer service.

Fabian's passion for public speaking as well as his love for training has driven him to take up the mission to share his experiences with his 

audiences which makes him a very sought after Master Trainer, Mentor and Motivational Speaker. His charismatic qualities are reflected in his attuned ability to build rapport with various audiences, which creates a huge impact during his corporate workshops. An innovator and pioneer, he had developed various strategies, tools and techniques to assist in leading others through the roads of success. Furthermore, his contribution towards the careful cultivation of each individual’s potential for success attests to his devotion and attention in his mission as a Master Trainer, Mentor and Motivator.


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