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Making Decisions

Every day of our lives we have to make choices either consciously or unconsciously. The ability to choose and decide is one of the most powerful faculty of the human spirit. Our ability to decide separates us from the rest of living things. Unlike animals – which mainly acts out of instinct, humans is able to think through by making hypotheses, referring to prior experiences, and weighing the pros and cons before making a decision.

Our ability to decide is our power – our inner power as a person. When we own our decision – we are taking total responsibility for our lives and how we live our life. Choices can range from deciding what to wear, what to say or do on a first date or how to knock out the rivals of our company. Remember, not making a decision – is in itself a decision. Decisions are important as they affect our future either directly or indirectly.

Decision making is a mental process that results in the selection of a course of action. As members of an organization and society we need to make a conscious effort to make decisions that will have least amount of disadvantages and the most advantages.

We can all come to terms with the fact that most decisions we make are influenced by emotional and psychological factors. We need to learn how to base our decisions on facts rather than just our personal opinions or emotional state. So, here are simple tips to making decision:

Before making a major decision, we would need to consider all aspects by taking different perspectives, and listing down all our choices. Then we can begin with narrowing down the odds. We start by identifying how decisions can affect us now and in the long run. And move on to analyzing how it can affect others. Look for facts to support our decision. These are the 4 key phases :data gathering, information processing, meaning-making, and decision-making, and three possible outcomes—a reaction, a response or guidance that leads us into a process of reflection.

Remember, “Decide” means to CUT. That means to divide between what your path will be and what it won’t. What ever will be will be. If all the steps are properly nurtured, the decision will be well thought through.

Tip: if you make choices without thinking about the consequences, you will be overwhelmed by them when the consequences hit you.

Alternatives are the best way to guarantee a leak proof decision. Before you make one decision you should endeavor to have at least two [2] other choices.

Tip: we must always have a plan b. even if the first plan fails the next one or two plans will definitely work.

Alternatives should be considered from as many angles as possible. When making a decision, the conditional phrase ‘what if’ is very important. This famous phrase helps us to conceive every possible outcome of our decision from the most bizarre to the most likely. This keeps us prepared to face any challenge that might come up with our decisions.

We make decisions every day. Come and learn more about how to make decisions at

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