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Ethics and values

Values are what we believe in and ethics are the moral ways in which beliefs into action. Ethics and values are very important in every aspect of life, it is therefore important to treat others with respect, no matter their corporate ranking or financial status. In any business, ethics are important in order to avoid destructive criticism and to appeal to customers. Ethics are very important in any business organization because it is the basis on which the organization is judged .We tends to respect those who respect us. A good example is shopping malls; we tend to shop frequently from particular stores because the attendants are ethical and treat us with respect while at the same time giving us absolute attention needless of how much we are spending. Properly practiced ethics are the best methods of advertising because people talk about the way they are treated especially when they have spent money. Word of mouth spreads fast so in order to acquire good publicity and good results it is necessary to be ethical.

Tip: Create a code of ethics that suite the company, its customers and the environment in which it is located.

Just like a peanut butter and jam sandwich, ethics and values complement each other. Values are principles with which an organization rests its beliefs. Values go a long way for any organization because it creates a relationship between the organization and its customers and an even stronger bond between the members of the organization. Values are interrelated with ethics because most ethical decisions are prompted by values while values are maintained by ethics.

Tip: You are known for what you believe in and practice. Ethics and values afford you an opportunity for networking which leads to long lasting business relationships.

Caring for others is a good way to show values and ethics. Not all values of an organization are fully accepted by all the members, but this can change if those who accept those values and ethics make an effort to carry the others along. It is important for every member of an organization to feel like they are part of a family, that way all the values and ethics will be accepted and practiced with ease.

While it is important for colleagues to feel like family, it is important to occasionally add variety to your routine in order to stay in the competition or ahead of it. ‘Variety is the spice of life’, variety and people are the life blood of a business .change is necessary as it is the only constant thing in life. If you don’t keep moving, your business will leave you behind.

In many organizations the values and ethics exists but the members do not really know how to implement those values and ethics.

  1. Clarify your values –it is important for people to understand clearly what your values are so that you can get productive results

  2. Renew your values –it is important to improve your values on occasion, but you must do so with the knowledge of everyone that it would affect

  3. Stay tuned and renovated – it is important to constantly carry out research on your business environment and the world at large.

Ethics and values are the face of any individual or organization, the first thing people see when they see you is your face, make sure they are impressed.

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