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MWS Indonesia V4 Launch 2012

25th July 2012 - yet another milestone from MWS Indonesia with a successful and epic launch of the MWS Trainers Kit V4 at Santika Premier Hotel, Jakarta. The launch also features local industry leaders to share their insights and ideas towards an empowered employee. A select group of senior level leaders from diverse industries sharing real life scenarios in the area of building an empowered workforce.

This successful event took the team more than 45 days of preparation from invitation, bookings of venue, sponsors to decorations. Despite all the massive preparation, the team in MWS Indonesia manage to pull this off with style. As you walk in to the venue, you will notice an inevitable 9 ft tall photo booth in orange covered with MWS monogram logo’s. Camera flash flashing on all the participants, speakers, guests and Licensed Trainers. This was the grand entrance to the ballroom. Once your picture is taken, you walk in towards registration table for a quick registration and prepare for the opening launch while having a cup of coffee.

The event kicked off with an opening speech from MWS Indonesia Managing Director Anthony D. Martin, welcoming the invitation speakers, guests and MWS Licensed Trainers and introduction to the Launching of Trainers Kit V4. Mr. Martin shared his vision and plans on the future direction of MWS Indonesia and how organizations can benefit from MWS by saving over 80% of their training investments.

After the warm welcome speech by Mr. Martin, the emcee invited MWS International Brand Manager, Mr. James Leow to share the MWS Brand Values and new features of the MWS Trainers Kit V4.

The new features of V4: 1) Serial Number – Safety and Protection 2) New Features – Grey Background, Mind Maps, Pod Cast 3) Bonus Title – Empowered Employee 4) New Packaging – Simple & Stylish 5) New Support Community – Trainers Portal

Mr. Leow’s speech lead to the official launch of the MWS Trainers Kit V4 in Indonesia with an invitation to all MWS Licensed Trainers to the stage to received a bonus title ‘Empowered Employee’. All the Licensed Trainers that attended the launch received a bonus title worth more than USD1800.

The session then continued with a sharing session from invitation speakers. A select group of senior level leaders from diverse industries sharing real life scenarios in the area of building an empowered workforce. The invitation speakers are:

Fachry Muhamad – CEO of Smart FM

Michael Wanandi – Vice Chairman of Anugerah Corporation

James Gwee – Director of Academia

The sharing session gives invaluable insights into the diverse and different perspective between local organizations, multinationals, conglomerates approach towards an empowered workforce. One thing we can all agree about an “Empowered Employee” is the sharing of knowledge and the ability to help each another to develop new capacities for actions.

To wrap up the event, the crowd were entertained by a magic show from one of the best Magic-Duo magician in Indonesia delivering optical illusion tricks and mind reading techniques.

Lastly, a closing note from Mr. Anthony D. Martin thanking all the guests and speakers for their time and support. This is yet another historical moments from MWS Indonesia stepping ahead of the game, helping organizations to have an equal opportunity to train the entire workforce. MWS provides a solution that has never been possible before. MWS is where it is today thanks to all the feedback and research with diverse range of clients. To find out more about MWS, please visit or email us at Visit our Facebook Page for more pictures.

MWS is constantly seeking progressive and established training providers to represent the MWS brand in your country. Having taken the time to listen to the human capital industry has given MWS the advantage. A great deal of effort and research has been undertaken by MWS to conceive the ideal solution in taking an innovative approach to addressing these challenges to open a new niche market potential. Email us if you have what it takes to represent MWS in your country and making a difference.

Here is a short and concise information about how MiniWorkshopSeries can help you save over 80% of your training investment.

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