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MWS Malaysia – Trainer Certification Feb 2012

MWS Malaysia has successfully organized the first Licensed Trainer Certification workshop in 2012 and has certified more than 15 Licensed Trainers from multi-national companies to the academic sector such as Maxis Mobile, Curtin University Sarawak, Chartis Insurance, Tokio Marine, MAS Academy, SCA Hygiene, Pharmaniaga Bhd. & with a special invitation guest from MWS Country Rep Indonesia – Master Trainer Anthony Dio Martin & Licensed Trainer Professional Max Sandy.

All the certified Licensed Trainers had an enjoyable time learning and improving their platform skills on how to be an excellent trainer. Master Trainer Fabian Fidelis has done a tremendous job by sharing and empowering the participants to be more creative and to step up to the next level. The MWS Licensed Trainer Certification not only improves the training and platform skills of the participants but also providing vital competencies and credentials to deliver high impact, effective and dynamic workshops. The Trainers Certification is specially delivered in a fun, thought provoking and experiential way, as it is crafted to achieve astounding results.

Here is what Eileen Foong of Marketing from Curtin University Sarawak has to say about the program:

“Eileen Foong – I never regret participating in this program and it really enhanced my skills. I had lots of sharing with the participants and it has definitely widen my knowledge”

After 3 days of enriching their skills, the Licensed Trainers then went through a 1 day of Content Coaching where the trainers is coached on how to effectively use the MWS Trainers Kit and to deliver the content in the most fun and exciting way and methods to optimize the tips, tools and techniques. With that, the Licesed Trainers is now ready make a difference in the learning & development in their organization.

This could be you! So what are you waiting for? Visit our website for more information or email us at

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