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Introducing MWS Branding You

24 Feb 2012 marks another major milestone for MWS as it launches the MWS Branding You program for the MWS Licensed Trainer Professional. NLP Basic Practitioner Certification will no longer be offered as part of the MWS Licensed Trainer Professional Certification.

MWS Branding You is a 4 days highly intensive workshop to get the Licensed Trainers to establish their personal brand identity, differentiation and values for their clients and participants. It is vital for everyone to establish their personal brand especially if these trainers are in-house and line managers.

The MWS Branding You program will take you through a 8C branding process to finally complete a Branding Toolkit, which you are able to use to promote yourself to your audience as well as clients.

Find out more of how we can help you establish yourself as an MWS Licensed Trainers Professional, email us at or visit us at now.

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