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How to read a person like a book.

Have you ever wished you could read people like a book? Wouldn’t that be just awesome to be a mentalist? Well, it is actually possible. Imagine, how your life would be, if you could read your spouse, your boss, your client or even your kids.

To be able to read and profile someone, you need to learn how they process information; as everyone generalize, delete and distort.

By being able to profile people, you will have generally less conflicts. You will be able to understand their view of the world; and develop empathy. You will become a very powerful effective communicator. We can even expand our network of friends and associates as we will stop avoiding people who don’t look or act like you.

History has taught us how by figuring out people, we can save lives and expand nation.

In 1862, a man named Otto Von Bismarck became prime minister of Prussia. He was known for his ambition to lead his country against hatred Austria. However, apart from his King William, most people in the government did not share the same opinion. They considered such an idea wrong for their country and considered Bismarck as someone dangerous, holding now a very sensitive position. Bismarck knew that his position was being dug from beneath and that if he didn’t act immediately, sooner or later people would make sure that he would be removed from that post.

Only one week later from his debut as a premier, Bismarck entered a room full of ministers and gave an amazing speech, stunning all of his audience. Not only he didn’t try to hide out his ambitions but even more, he advocated the preparation of a new German army. He concluded his speech by saying: ‘The great questions of the time will be decided, not by speeches and resolutions of majorities, but by iron and blood’. By the end of the speech, all the people in the room were numb.

In the few days that followed, the ensemble of the government seemed to turn against him and even the queen started to scream against her husband William that Bismarck should be removed and if not they would both probably end up like the French kings: Beheaded.

Bullied from all sides, King William asked Bismarck to come to his palace to have a discussion. However, Otto Von Bismarck was a man who did his homework: He had studied his King from head to toe and he knew what his thumbscrew was.

When they met, King William started saying that if Bismarck would continue to spread his ideas, they would both end up guillotined. To his king surprise, Bismarck answered:“Then we shall die! We must die sooner or later, and could there be a more respectable way of dying? I should die fighting for the cause of my king and master. Your Majesty would die sealing with your own blood your royal rights granted by God’s grace.

Whether upon the scaffold or upon the battlefield makes no difference to the glorious staking of body and life on behalf of rights granted by God’s grace!”.

Bismarck knew that his King had a military background, a deep sense of honor and that he was being bullied by everyone. He had understood that despite the fact that he was being influenced by his wife, deep inside he wanted to be a bold and mighty King.

In the days following their meeting, the King surprised all his ministers and gave his prime minister the green light to expand Prussia’s army program. In the years that came Bismarck led Prussia into a war with Austria, crushing the former empire and establishing one powerful German country. If Bismarck did not figure out the King’s soft spot and utilize the opportunity, he would have been removed from his post or worse…beheaded.


There are a few things you must be aware if you want to be able to ‘read’ a person. Here are 3 Hot Tips:

  1. Well, first you have to be ready to read and it’s not as easy as it sounds. It may seem completely easy and obvious but even something as obvious can be missed out.

  2. Second, you have to know what you’re looking for especially if you want to read a person with a reason. Like when you want to determine whether someone is lying or you want to get something from someone. Be purposeful.

  3. Have you ever listened to someone thoroughly without interruptions? That’s point number three! You have to learn how to listen to someone without interrupting and condemning them. You have to make sure your body language stays neutral so that the other party doesn’t feel threatened or intimidated by your presence. Listen not only to the verbal communications, but non-verbal communications too.

Trust your intuition! It is human nature to try to understand one another. It is within you to be able to comprehend and recognize one another. Humans do their best in trying to figure people out. Are you ready to establish that connection and be present to another to really truly figure him out. We all want to be understood.

Learn all the tips and tricks on how you can figure out people at the MWS Workshops today. Visit for more information.

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