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Saturday December 10th 2016



MWS Trainers Reload

The day was Saturday, 1st June 2013, the Inspired Learning Centre was abuzz with excitement as it hosts the debut of MWS’ one of a kind Trainers Reload Event.

People trailed in with the anticipation of things to happen. In the most common feeling that you get with any Partners Meet, MWS Licensed Trainers and Partners greeted each other like long lost friends. It is in this joint pursuit of continuous learning that they have agreed to block out their calendars, make their way to the venue, and despite being a public holiday, saw the value of attending the event.

So what makes MWS Trainers Reload all worth it? Because of its special objective and purpose. The MWS Trainers Reload is a quarterly event that provides a safe platform for all MWS Licensed Trainers to hone their skills in conducting and facilitating learning activities. MWS is a brand that strongly advocates experiential learning, and with that believes that a trainer’s bag of tricks should be inexhaustible. In order to do that, MWS organizes events such as the Trainers Reload where MWS Licensed Trainers can convene and share their learning activities with other fellow trainers.

The premise of the event is simple, in that each trainer is only required to bring with them one learning activity that they want try out in real life, or simply to share it with others. They then have to debrief the activity to demonstrate how the activity can be tied back to a valuable learning outcome.

The learning activities will not be so much evaluated as it is explored. Other trainers are open to ask questions about the presented learning activity, request for variations and provide feedback on how to improve on it further. Aligned with the MWS concept of contextualization, trainers will have to demonstrate how their activity can be used for various contexts, and how effective it is to achieve different training outcomes.


In short, it is akin to a refresher course of the MWS Licensed Trainer Certification Program. Where participants go home with only the good stuff, and a bag full of it!

By the end of the event, MWS Licensed Trainers become more inspired to further enrich their next training workshops. Not only because they now have fresh ideas on learning activities, but from the rejuvenating and revitalizing energy that permeates the room.

We thank all MWS Licensed Trainers who made it to the debut of the MWS Trainers Reload Event. We hope that you have gained as much from it as we have. Read more about Training Activities here at

Do join us again in the next MWS Trainers Reload. Visit or contact your MWS Country Representatives for the next available time.


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