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Saturday December 10th 2016



MWS Mad Hatter Tea Party

There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it, you have to be as mad as a hatter. And thats when we all at MWS went MAD!

9th December 2011 was a day of wonderland for MWS. The day we had our MWS Mad Hatter Tea Party and successfully launched 3 amazing products & services internationally.

  1. MWS Licensed Trainer Certification
    – Featuring new methodology and NLP technologies
  2. MWS New LT-Pro (MWS Branding You)
    – Cutting edge program that is business oriented  
  3. MWS Partners Portal
    – One-Stop shop for all MWS Partners to leverage on our unique resources
These are 3 awesome news for all MWS Partners around the world to enjoy and experience. Watch our event videos here “MWS Mad Hatter Tea Party” Hats, crowns, cat ears, caterpillar, bows, ribbons, jewels, drinks & foods made us all go crazy in this full house event. We had lots of activities, games, photo booth, best dressed competition and face painting (Sponsored by MWS Premium Reseller – Saidina Smart Consultancy)
Just before dinner, we have all the candidates of best dresser performed on stage and the winner of MWS Mad Hatter Tea Party event Best Dressed goes to MWS Licensed Trainer Pro – James Sasi from Scomi and took back a Grand Prize worth more than RM4000.

Besides wonder land, we were also in a magical world where Chase Lew the magnificent magician performed on stage where he mesmerized everyone with his skills and tricks! This magic performance is sponsored by Chase Magic.

This event did not just end here, we had a surprise for all our Partners that came that day. A special 12 free seats for “MWS Branding You” programme for MWS Licensed Trainers!!! WOW! MWS Malaysia Country Rep VP Mr.Allan Gan also took the opportunity announcing an amazing news to the crowd by introducing the all new MWS Trainers Kit Bahasa Malaysia Version!

MWS & Team would like to thank everyone for the great year. The support and partnership with all MWS Partners will continue to grow bigger, better and stronger. Lastly, we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. May your Season Holiday is filled with joy, happiness & success.

Theres more to come in 2012. Here’s what in store for you in 2012,

  1. Branding In Action
  2. Content Coaching Online
  3. MWS xBreakout
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